United Nation Youth Ambassador – SHENALI DONA visits DON BOSCO

LOCATION : Provincial House, Dungalpitiya
DATE : May 07, 2017

SHENALI DONA – the United Nation Youth Ambassador, an 18 year old Sri Lankan student will arrive to Sri Lanka on 2nd to 9th of May 2017. She is delighted to visit her native island country and hopes to generate unity, leadership, confidence and knowledge on human rights, through this official visit.

As she is followed by the specific agenda given by the Sri Lankan Government, she will also visit Don Bosco Provincial House – Dungalpitiya, “Bosco Sevana” – Uswetakeiyawa, Good Shepherd Convent – Nayakakanda, Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre – Nochchiyagama and Don Bosco Civil Engineering Institute – Metiyagane.

Sheneli Dona is an 18-year-old student from Sydney currently completing a double degree in Law and Global Studies. Her passion for human rights stemmed from the upbringing in her native country Sri Lanka whereby she witnessed firsthand the marginalization of women and young children. Frightening statistics of the abuse and even death that women and young children faced motivated her to take active steps to ensure they were treated with the respect and dignity they deserved.

Sheneli was recognized for her work by becoming a GVN youth ambassador. Her status as a Youth Ambassador allowed herself to be recognized by the United Nations. In 2015, Sheneli had the privilege to attend the United Nations Headquarters for the commemoration of youth action. During her visit in New York, Sheneli had the benefit to collaborate with Professor Joy Ogwu (former president of the Security Council and Ambassador for Nigeria to the United Nations at the time) Vivian Onano (member of the civil society of the United Nations Women) Roopesh Ramjit (United States Youth Ambassador). On return from her trip to New York Sheneli was invited to attend the conference commemorating the 70th anniversary of Australia’s relationship with the UN and was formally invited to the Governor General’s residence in Canberra to attend a private reception. During her visit Sheneli was privileged to have met distinguished members of the Australian government and society such as Bob Carr (former foreign affairs minister).

Sheneli was invited by the United Nations Association of Australia Peace Programme Director as a special guest to the International day of Peace mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. She had the privilege of being invited first to the releasing of doves to symbolize peace witnessed by The NSW Governor His Excellency Honorable David Hurley and Lady Hurley, Matthew Kronborg and Dr. Zeny Edwards (UNAA Executives).

Following the service at St Mary’s Cathedral Sheneli was invited as the guest of honor at the International Day of Peace, Interfaith Service 2015 Parramatta. Most importantly, Sheneli was invited to light the peace candle and present the Secretary General of the United Nations statement on the international day of peace.

Sheneli had to make a trip overseas to Sri Lanka; she was requested to meet with under privileged women, children and families at a women’s shelter in Sri Lanka established by Tine Haaima, regarding the atrocities they have faced in their lives. With memories from her youth witnessing the struggle of young children and women, Sheneli knew it was her responsibility to develop an alliance with Tine Haaima for the betterment of these deprived groups of people.

Sheneli had formed a concept of developing her own human rights organization, with the aim to work closely with authoritative bodies to ensure that policies are implemented to ensure gender equality and the protection of young children.

In December 2015, fresh from the devastating news of the Paris Massacre Sheneli was asked to attend the World Climate Summit in Paris. Sheneli, being the youngest delegate, had the greatest opportunity to represent Australia at such a high-level international platform, as well as networking with CEO’s and Directors of major international corporations. Sheneli also took the opportunity to pay her respects to and reflect on the atrocities that occurred.

January 2016, Sheneli was one of the finalists for Fairfield Citizen of the Year Award where she accepted the award with the Honorable Chris Bowen (Shadow Treasurer of Australia), MP Chris Hayes, Mayor Frank Carbone, Mr. Alex Jones (Australia Day Ambassador). Due to her continued work and commitment to the community, Sheneli had the privilege of being appointed as a Girl Rising Ambassador from headquarters in New York. A major part of being a Girl Rising Ambassador is to reach out and stand up for women and children’s rights. Most recently Sheneli attended a local school in the Fairfield area to extend her support to the local community and outline a plan to support the children to reach their potential.

In May 2016, Sheneli was invited to the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whilst at the conference, her biography was brought to the

attention of the Ambassador of Australia to Denmark, Norway and Iceland, Mr. Damien Miller, who invited Sheneli for a private function. Sheneli was recognized and had the privilege to meet with HRH Princess Mary of Denmark, who immediately supported her organization’s initiatives, which has further influenced her to ensure her organization endeavors to make a change amongst the world. Sheneli was amongst many world leaders and prominent individuals such as Melinda Gates, the president of the World Bank and Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

In July 2016, Sheneli was invited back to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to participate in the High Level Thematic Debate on human rights. Sheneli was able to assess the various strategies that each member state aims to implement and has implemented in their respective countries. While Sheneli was attending the high level thematic debate, she was able to meet with a minister of Nigeria of The Permanent Mission of Nigeria to discuss youth related issues and to form a future alliance with the Nigerian government, to assist with the integration of youth in their society. Sheneli was able to utilize the knowledge acquired by implementing it in her own human rights organization to reach out to society. Sheneli’s delegation was proudly sponsored by Australian Catholic University.

While balancing her double degree at university as well as her engagements on a public and international platform, Sheneli is in the final stages of developing her own human rights organization. The first assignment, being supporting deprived children in the Northern Territory. The Aboriginal people and children, often referred to as the lost people are still yet to find a place in society and feel accepted. Sheneli made the first step in contacting a highly regarded member of their community and explaining that she would like to reach out to them. The news overwhelmed the person in question, as previously many people have tried to communicate with them to promote their own image and not for the betterment of the people. Sheneli is due to travel there soon to show Australia and the world that the “lost generation” are lost no more; and should be empowered to be useful members of society.

Sheneli plans to use the knowledge obtained in her life experiences thus far and the double degree she is completing to eventually become an International Human Rights Lawyer. Sheneli always reverts back to a quote that gives her comfort in times of adversity; “with the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.”


Fr. Emmanuel Janze celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Religious Life

SOURCE : Provincial House
LOCATION : Dankotuwa
ON : May 01, 2017

Fr. Emmanuel Janze, the Confessor of the Don Bosco Aspirantate at Dankotuwa, celebrates his 50 years of Religious Life. (1967 May 24 – 2017 May 24)

We wish hearty congratulations to Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Janze as he celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his Religious Profession and to Rev. Fr. Felix Mellawarachchy as he keeps his Silver Jubilee of the Priestly Ordination.
May the Good Lord do Bless them and grant them good health and peace of mind to be more and more fruitful in their mission !


Silvery Priestly Journey of Fr. Felix

SOURCE : Provincial House
LOCATION : Dungalpitiya
ON : May 01, 2017

Fr. Felix Mellawarachchi, the former Economer of the Salesian Vice-Province of Sri Lanka, celebrates his 25 years of Priestly Life. (1992 December 19 – 2017 December 19)

We wish hearty congratulations to Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Janze as he celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his Religious Profession and to Rev. Fr. Felix Mellawarachchy as he keeps his Silver Jubilee of the Priestly Ordination.
May the Good Lord do Bless them and grant them good health and peace of mind to be more and more fruitful in their mission !


MSMHC to begin in Sri Lanka

SOURCE : Provincial House
LOCATION : Dungalpitiya
ON : May 10, 2017

As a new frontier of the expansion of MHMSC mission, as per the invitation of Fr. Anthony Pinto (2004 – 2010 : Superior of Salesian Vice Province of Sri Lanka), they visited Sri Lanka and met Fr. Joe Almeida, the present Superior of the Salesian Vice Province of Sri Lanka on 6th May 2017.

Sr. Jane Francis (MSMHC General Councilor for Education) and Sr. Shelma Kuriakose (MSMHC Councilor for Education in Bangalore) were impressed by the hospitality and the encouragemnet of the Salesians of Sri Lanka to begin their mission with a sound and a solid foundation. We wish them all the best.

The Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC), the first indigenous Congregation in North East India was founded on October 24, 1942, at Guwahati, Assam by His Excellency Stephen Ferrando, SDB, the then Bishop of Shillong. The Congregation has five provinces in India and a delegation in Italy. The provincial headquarters are at Bangalore, Kolkata, Shillong, Tinsukia and Tezpur and the delegation headquarter is at Turin, Italy. It has 1167 members belonging to 53 ethnic groups working in 171 centres in India and 19 in other countries.


R. I. P… Rev. Fr. Adriano Bregolin

LOCATION : Rome, Italy
ON : 23 August 2017

This morning, during a hike in the mountains, Fr Adriano Bregolin died of a sudden heart attack.

Former Vicar General of the Salesian Congregation, Fr Adriano was currently serving as Director of the Salesian Institute of Florence.

Don Bregolin, born at Cona in the Province of Venice on the 16th October 1948, became a Salesian on the 16th August 1966 after having made his novitiate at Albarè. He completed his theological studies at Verona and was ordained deacon at Trento on the 28th May 1977 and priest on the 27th May 1978.

The first years of his ministry were given to pastoral and vocational work in the community of Trento and of Verona San Zeno, becoming Rector of both Salesian houses not many years after. Having obtained a Degree in Modern Letters in March 1980 at the University of Padua, Don Bregolin also took on the task of Councillor in the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO), becoming subsequently vice provincial for the three years 1988–1991.

In May 1996 he became Provincial of the Province of Italia Veneta Ovest (IVO) until 2002 when, during the GC25 he was elected Councillor for the Italy Middle-East region. Following the nomination of Don Luc Van Looy as Bishop in the Diocese of Ghent, he was called by the Rector Major to take on the role of Vicar General.

Since 20 June, 2014, he was Director of the Salesian Institute in Florence.